Definition of Design Centric

The term Design Centric can be applied to a region where the design disciplines and the results of good design are recognized as adding value to the economy and the area’s quality of life. Design centric does not refer to just a concentration of designers, but also to a concentration of companies and organizations that use and benefit from good design.

A Design Centric region has the characteristics of:

  • Involving the design disciplines in problem solving situations in public and private activities.
  • Being Eco focused with sustainability-LEEDS, and environmental policies leading the national norm
  • Companies over $3 million in sales having a titled design position of director or manager or vice president and in a strategic position
  • Companies having designers on boards of directors.
  • Colleges and universities providing instruction on design, design thinking, designand innovation management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Media reporting on economic results of good design and reporters asking businesses design based questions in interviews.
  • Regional art associations and museums representing design in their permanent collections, mounting design based exhibits and providing educational experiences on design.
  • History of accomplished designs that have had significant national/international influence
  • An aggregated and reported large number of national design awards won by regionally based companies
  • An existing network for communication among the different design disciplines with periodic opportunities for socializing and gathering for relevant speakers, events.
  • A collective population of designers higher than the national average.
  • True diversity and all that means being both celebrated and encouraged with a fullrecognition of a “Creative Class”
  • Regional based designers serving regional companies as well as organizations outside the region
  • A large number of design patents held by regional companies
  • National press recognizes the region as having these characteristics

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